Behavior Resources

GENERAL WEBSITES ON BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING - Dr. Susan G. Friedman's website where you can get information on her online behavior courses and read many excellent articles on the science of behavior, applied behavior analysis, behavior modification and training - Karen Pryor's website that contains a wealth of information on clicker training a variety of species of animals.  The store has scores of books and videos on clicker training and helpful training tools.  Also on this website is information on Clicker Expo, a fun and educational event held every year in a variety of locations around the country. - Website for information the Karen Pryor Academy courses and also a place to find a local KPA CTP (Certified Training Partner). - TAGteach is a revolutionary science-based technology that enables educators and coaches to teach efficiently and helps students learn effectively.  Based on the same positive reinforcement marker-based training methods we use for our animals, it focuses on the positive which yields amazing results.  TAG stands for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. - This is the website of the well known bird trainer, Steve Martin.  On this site you can get information on their beginning and advanced animal training programs as well as where they are appearing.  There are a number of excellent articles on this site as well written by Steve about training and behavior modification. - This is the web site of the well known animal trainer, Ken Ramirez who is currently working at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois.  On his website you can find information on his classes and seminars. - Terry Ryan's website about her "chicken camps" where she teaches marker based training from beginning to advanced levels. - Sophia Yin, DVM, MS website about the science of behavior and training.  The website has many videos and articles on training and behavior modification in dogs and cats. - Well known Chicago journalist, author, radio host and pet advocate.  This website contains material on a variety of pet topics including behavior topics particularly for dogs and cats.  Steve is an excellent writer and his articles are informative and helpful.  Steve is also a dog/cat behavior consultant. - Companion Animal Sciences Institute - an online school that provides advanced, challenging, distance-oriented professional development programs of study to help students develop, expand or advance their skills in professional dog training, behavior consulting, shelter and rescue work and more.

BIRD BEHAVIOR/TRAINING WEBSITES - Barbara Heidenreich's website about bird behavior and training.  You can get an e subscription to her magazine, Good Bird and get access to short videos on training specific behaviors.  She also has a store with helpful books and videos. -  A website devoted to all things avian with many articles about enrichment for and training of birds  - Website with basics on clicker training birds.  There is a chat list and a number of articles - Website of the World Parrot Trust with a excellent articles and links to bird related care and training topics

SPECIES-SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR/TRAINING WEBSITES - Marty McGee Bennett's website pertaining to humane handling and training of camelids (alpacas and llamas mostly).  Her schedule of classes as well as a store with some excellent resources is available on this site. - Wonderful website by Barbara Heidenreich with information and a video for purchase on how to clicker train bunnies! - Website devoted to rabbit clicker training and behavior.  Lots of good information. - Website about training and enrichment for reptiles of all types with many training videos - Website with excellent information and training videos for dogs - Website with lots of horse clicker training resources including online classes - The site of the Indoor Pet Intiative and this page is specifically for cats.  There are some excellent articles for keeping your indoor cat healthy as well as a downloadable video by Dr. Buffington who started the Indoor Cat Initiative to help enrich the lives of indoor cats and prevent behavior problems.

ENRICHMENT and ANIMAL CARE - Website about training and enrichment for reptiles of all types  with many videos showing training. - Article on ferret enrichment by Bob Church -  A link to the PDF of The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book Version 2.0.  This is a large document that covers a huge range of home made items and activities you can use to enrich your parrot's life - Good article on enrichment ideas for rodents - House Rabbit Society website with a wealth of information on rabbit behavior and health and enrichment. - A great website with information on enrichment for any species of animal as well as social networking on the topic, online assistance, seminars and workshops - Excellent website with species specific information on care and diseases of a wide variety of animals.  Information is written by members of the Veterinary Information Network and is updated periodically. - Great source of training tools, some enrichment products and books - Great resource for music to calm dogs including DVDs of various sounds that you can use to desensitize your dog to things like thunderstorms and fireworks.

ORGANIZATIONS RELATED TO ANIMAL BEHAVIOR - The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) is a group of veterinarians and research professionals who share an interest in understanding behavior in animals.  There are excellent written materials on pet behavior and the AVSAB position statements on a number of topics. - The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators has several good articles and conferences of interest to people training birds. - International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).  There are behavior articles on dogs, cats, birds and working animals as well as information on the annual conference. - A nonprofit international scientific society founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior.  There are some interesting ararticles on cat and dog behavior under the Special Topics Section under Companion and Applied Animal Behavior. - The website for the Animals & Society Institute, a nonprofit, independent research and educational organization that advances the status of animals in public policy, and promotes the study of human-animal relationships.  The site has access to several publications and other resources. - The website for the Animal Behavior Management Alliiance (ABMA) which is a not-for-profit group that promotes animal care through enrichment and training and covers all species. - A well established group dedicated to improving human health through therapy and service animals. Their mission is to promote the human/animal bond. - This is the website of Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana where they have a variety of seminars and classes on animal behavior including dog, behavior.  It is a unique place to visit and learn about behavior.

DOG TRAINING FACILITIES (Chicago and surrounding area) - Animal Intuitions, Inspiring, Enriching, Positive Training by Amber Walker a Karen Pryor Academy Graduate and wonderful trainer with experience with a variety of species of animals.  Her main focus is dog training and she offers a variety of classes as well as individual behavior and training consultation. - Nurture is a dog training facility in Yorkville, IL.  They have a wide variety of classes, including early puppy socialization classes,        available using positive reinforcement methods. - Narnia Pet Behavior and Training is a dog training facility in Naperville, IL.  They have a wide variety of classes for dogs including one day workshops with featured nationally known speakers. - A fabulous complete service facility for dogs and other pets with behavior problems.  It contains the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine including board certified veterinary behaviorists and complete training facilities and staff for working with animals with behavior problems and general training for balanced behavior.

MISCELLANEOUS WEBSITES - Petraits Pet Photography -  Sheri Berliner of Petraits Pet Photography is a professional photographer who not only captures unique images of people's pets, but also photographs and helps re-home pets from dogs and cats, to rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and birds.  She founded her business in 1995.  You can subscribe to her daily Petrait emails featuring pets in need of homes by e-mailing her at or you can see her photography at the website listed or her adoptions at - Fabulous website of my sister, Rebecca Brown with her felting and beading creations! - Great place to board your rabbit in the Chicago-land area.  Experienced rabbit caregiver, Maggie Kruser, is also a wonderful artist!